‘It’s not a bad deal’: Miami condo investors on ethical investing

In the days after Donald Trump’s inauguration, condo investors across the country were bracing for the worst.The stock market was down, the U.S. dollar was at its lowest level in years and Trump was making headlines.For condo owners, the fear […]

Juventus to pay £8m for Lazio striker Alessandro Costacurta

Juventus are to pay around £8 million for Laziono striker Alessio Costacurotas, sources have told ESPN FC.The move will see Juventus retain Lazio’s best striker in his mid-30s and, at around €6 million, the Serie A giants are expected to […]

The world’s most accurate financial app: Airbnb

Airbnb is the most accurate and up-to-date real estate investing app on the market, according to research by the Australian Financial Commission (AFC).Airbnb is one of several apps that offer investors the ability to invest in stocks, currencies and ETFs.The […]