Blackrock’s ‘super’ account is a big win for the super-investor

Blackrock has opened a super account in the United Kingdom that will allow investors to invest up to £20m in a range of investments that the US investment bank says are “super” returns.

Blackrock Investments, which also has a super fund, announced the announcement today, and also unveiled a new £20 million super fund for people looking to invest in tech, real estate, infrastructure and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

“We are proud to be a part of the UK super market, where investors can get access to an unmatched range of investment opportunities,” said Blackrock Chief Executive Chris Llewellyn.

“Our super fund is a great example of the world-class investment expertise and investment discipline that we have at Blackrock.”

“Blackrock’s super investment offers investors the opportunity to take control of their own portfolio while gaining an unparalleled level of security and liquidity for their investment,” added Llew.

“It’s a great opportunity to invest with confidence and a huge asset that will have an enormous impact on the future of the sector.”

Blackrock is also announcing a new investment vehicle called a super-savings fund, which will be used to invest super into its own funds, and will allow users to choose their own funds from among those currently in existence.

“Blackstone has built a wealth of experience and expertise in the investment space and we are excited to introduce our own super savings fund to the market,” said Brian Taggart, Chairman and CEO of Blackstone, in a statement.

“Our investment in the super savings account will offer our customers a unique way to diversify their super savings portfolio while allowing them to be able to choose from a range to invest their super into.”

Investors who want to invest into Blackrock super in the UK can register their interest by clicking here.

The Blackrock UK super account will open on December 31.

For the UK, it will be available to anyone who wants to buy into the account.