Canada’s stock market rally is a great opportunity to sell shares, says Edelman

Investors have been clamouring for a chance to sell stocks since the first days of the global financial crisis, and some are even selling in their sleep.

But now is the time to sell.

With stocks surging, analysts are now suggesting that people should hold on to their investments.

With rising prices, the time is right for people to sell their shares and reinvest in their retirement accounts, according to Edelman Wealth Management Inc., a financial adviser and advisory firm.

The firm says its research shows that many Canadians are making the right decisions when it comes to how they invest, even when the market is in a tailspin.

Edelman, which has more than 6,000 clients in Canada, has been helping clients make this decision for the past six months.

While the market has surged, Edelman says it’s also seen a drop in investors who are selling their shares.

For example, this week Edelman saw investors who sold their stocks this year have seen their net worth drop by about $1.7 billion, which is about 20 per cent.

For investors who invested in equities this year, the net worth dropped by another $1 billion, according with Edelman.

As a result, many Canadians may be left holding the bag when it came to investing.

“A lot of people are looking at the market and saying, ‘Well, I think I’ve made a good decision to sell my shares and not to invest in equity.

I’m going to make a new life plan and get back to the stock market,'” said Doug Porter, managing director of Edelman Asset Management.

Porter is the founder of Edelbroker Advisors, which provides advice to clients on retirement, investment, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more.

He said it’s a good time to buy stocks, given the global economic uncertainty.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty and uncertainty in the economy right now, which makes it a good place for people who want to save money,” Porter said.

The global financial market is still in its infancy, with a few companies like Google and Uber still in the wild.

The stock market has recovered from the global recession but still hasn’t reached its peak.

And some analysts are predicting a correction in the stock price, and that could mean people are selling shares and putting their money in other assets, like the real estate market.

But Porter said he thinks people should be buying stocks if they think the market will recover.

“If you have a stock that’s trending higher and the price is trending lower, you might want to buy it and hold it.

You don’t have to invest 100 per cent in it,” Porter told CBC News.

“I think that’s really good advice.

It’s not a bad thing to invest your money in a stock.”

He added that if you’re in the market because of bad news, you should do your homework before making a decision.

“We would never recommend selling your shares,” Porter warned.

“That would be one of the most foolish decisions I’ve ever heard.”