Crypto investment investment fund launches new product

Posted November 03, 2018 07:37:58The new investment product from cryptos hedge fund Pimps is designed to provide diversified returns, a wide range of investment opportunities and a diversified portfolio.

“Pimps offers a portfolio that combines an investment portfolio with a range of crypto investment opportunities that are focused on growing and diversifying the value of the crypto industry,” said Jim Pimpp, chairman and CEO of Pimperium Investments, a San Francisco-based hedge fund.

Pimpp said Pimplex is a portfolio of companies that provide the latest technological advancements to the crypto world.

“It’s a combination of companies like the world’s largest crypto investors such as Bancor, NEO and more, which are creating an ecosystem that is creating opportunities for our clients to create wealth,” he said.

Pipeline Capital, which is a hedge fund that specializes in investments in blockchain, has invested in Pimples portfolio.

“We have been working closely with Pimp since the beginning,” said Pico’s CTO, James Pimpey.

Pico’s investment portfolio includes investments in companies like BlockCypher, the cryptocurrency blockchain company that has raised more than $100 million from investors.

BlockCyphers founder and CEO Adam Ludwin said he hopes the PimP investments will attract more companies to invest in the space.

“BlockCymers will provide a platform to facilitate the transfer of value from traditional financial institutions to the cryptos world, which will allow us to gain a competitive advantage,” Ludwin wrote on his blog.PImps portfolio is also comprised of companies working on distributed ledger technology that could eventually revolutionize finance.

The fund also invests in startups developing smart contracts that can track a person’s transactions.

Pimp has a $2 billion portfolio of hedge funds, including Pimpps and BlackRock, as well as a $100 billion portfolio, which includes hedge funds and private equity funds.

Pimped has a valuation of about $4.5 billion.