Juventus to pay £8m for Lazio striker Alessandro Costacurta

Juventus are to pay around £8 million for Laziono striker Alessio Costacurotas, sources have told ESPN FC.The move will see Juventus retain Lazio’s best striker in his mid-30s and, at around €6 million, the Serie A giants are expected to […]

Why the Fidelity portfolio doesn’t include many Fidelity funds

Posted October 08, 2019 11:12:54I am an investor in Fidelity Investments and I have been following the Fiduciary Standards Board’s (FSB) decision to release their investment recommendations.They announced that they would recommend a total return of 2.5% annually over the […]

Investing for Retirement: Why You Should Know Your Limits

Retirement Investment Strategies Investing For Retirement (RIOTS) can be a rewarding, but risky, path.A study from the Boston Consulting Group found that more than half of the respondents in its 2014 Retirement Savings & Investment Survey (RSSI) said they had […]