The GOP Establishment: How they made Trump a ‘bully’

By now, the Republican Party has become the “party of bully.”

But while it is a bully, it is also a very different beast than the one we are used to seeing from Democrats, who have become the party of bully and bully-ism.

They have gone to war on Donald Trump, and have done so successfully.

The Democrats have used Trump as a means to gain power.

In the past, we have seen this with President Obama.

We have seen it with President George W. Bush, and we will see it with Trump.

But when it comes to Trump, there is no comparison.

He has proven to be the most destructive force the GOP establishment has ever faced.

For years, Republicans were the party that stood up to the GOP Establishment.

Now that the Establishment has been beaten back, the GOP has lost the war.

They can no longer stand up to Trump because he has proven himself to be a bully.

As I mentioned above, the Establishment is now fighting to destroy the Republican brand.

They want to destroy all that Trump stood for, which is patriotism and freedom of speech.

They are trying to turn America into a bully nation and are not willing to stand up for American values.

This is an extremely dangerous and damaging development for the Republican establishment, who are being pilloried for doing the right thing in the face of Trump’s threats and actions.

For this reason, the entire Republican establishment should be ashamed.

But they are not.

There is a simple answer to the problem of the GOP’s bully-ness.

It is that the establishment is afraid.

They were afraid of Trump for years and years.

When they tried to get him elected, they were terrified.

The Establishment was afraid that if they stood up and challenged Trump, he would take away the power of the Republican party and destroy it.

He would destroy their ability to govern, and that is exactly what he has done.

The GOP establishment is terrified of Trump.

They cannot win the war against Trump and their brand, the party, is being destroyed.

Now, there are a few ways to defeat the Establishment and their bully-iness.

The first way is for the GOP to stand on the right side of history.

They should not be afraid to fight for America.

But the party must not be scared of Trump because it is Trump that is driving the current agenda.

We should be proud of the fact that we are the party on the wrong side of the Establishment.

We need to be able to stand with Americans, and not stand with people who are trying and trying and toying with us.

The Republicans need to start by working to restore the American economy.

We cannot afford to lose the middle class.

If we do not have jobs, if we do, then the economy will fall apart.

We are on the brink of an economic collapse.

The only way the Republicans can restore the economy is to restore our moral standing and to stand for American principles.

They must not fear the American people.

The party should stand up against the American establishment.

If they cannot stand with their constituents, then they should not hold office.

The Republican Party should be united against the Establishment, and the GOP is the only party in America that is united against them.

The next step is for Republicans to unite behind the President.

The President has been elected to lead the country in this moment of crisis.

He is our President and he is the leader of this country.

But that is not enough.

We must restore the Republican trust, because the Republican leadership needs to get its act together.

This election has been one for the ages.

Now is the time for the party to stand together and unite behind a man who is uniquely qualified to lead our country.

We can’t afford to allow the Republican Establishment to win the next election.

The future of the American Republic depends on the survival of the party.