What you need to know about Genesis Invest, a global asset allocation platform

News headline Genesis Invest is investing in companies that are undervalued article In the last two years, Genesis has invested in more than 10,000 companies worldwide and is valued at more than $500 million.

The company says it’s currently looking at over a dozen new investments.

Genesis’s investments are now being taken to various investors across the globe, which include institutional investors, institutional funds and mutual funds.

Genesis also said it will now be expanding its investment range to include more investment vehicles such as ETFs, mutual funds and other investment vehicles.

It said it expects the number of new investments it will make to increase to around $1 billion by the end of 2021. 

“Our focus is on finding ways to increase our global footprint and help accelerate our growth, and that includes investing in more global companies,” Genesis CEO and founder John P. Murphy said in a statement. 

The Genesis fund, which has a $25 billion underwriting pool, has invested $3.8 billion in equity-based fund companies over the past year.

Genes is the second-largest public equity fund company behind Renaissance Technologies.

The investment arm of Genesis has over 1,300 employees.