What you need to know about Grayscale investing

If you’re a long-term investor, you should probably check out the investment properties loaned by the Grayscalers, according to a new report from Credit Suisse.

The report says that Grayscales, a private equity firm, has a portfolio of $3.2 trillion in property loans, $3 billion of which were issued during the second quarter. 

Grayscale’s loan portfolio includes more than $2.5 trillion in commercial loans, and another $1.5 billion of commercial loans that have been extended to individuals and small businesses.

The loan portfolio covers about 6 percent of the value of Grayscott Holdings’ stock, and the firm has been valued at more than 2 billion euros.

Grayscale also has investments in a portfolio that includes property in Australia and China.

The Grayscare portfolio has investments totaling more than 5 billion euros, which is the value at which GraysCale’s investment property portfolio is valued.

Grayscotch Holdings has been worth about $2 billion since its listing in 2013.

Credit Suisse is calling Grayscelt’s property loans “significant” because they are in addition to GraysCaler’s portfolio.

They are also larger than the debt that Graycals has been paying off in recent years. 

According to Credit Suiss, Grayscore’s portfolio is much larger than Grayser’s. 

“Grayscore has a more diversified portfolio that reflects the broad range of Grayingers’ business interests, and its exposure to the wider financial sector,” the report says. 

The Grayscentres own properties in Australia, Canada, Japan and the U.K. and are owned by the group’s shareholders.

They also own properties outside of Australia and in the U