When will the UK be able to sell stocks?

The UK will be able, on November 15, to sell shares if it has the necessary regulatory approval, according to the Department for Exchequer.

This is the same date that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said it would issue a new list of new and more restrictive capital requirements for the sector.

The government said on Wednesday that the new list would allow the government to provide greater certainty to the financial sector, allowing the sector to invest in higher-value assets.

But the FCA said on Friday that it would not issue any new regulations until at least February 2019.

The regulator also said that it will hold public meetings in London on November 16 to discuss the potential impact of the proposed changes.

The FCA is expected to announce new regulations on capital and risk-taking in a series of announcements in the coming months.

“This is a very positive step for the financial services industry in the UK,” said David Moseley, CEO of market intelligence firm Capgemini.

He added that the changes to the capital rules will provide certainty to investors and increase transparency.

“The FCA has recognised the need to make sure that the sector’s capital requirements are robust and the regulatory environment is robust,” he said.

“The FSCA is not only responsible for protecting investors’ interests, it also is responsible for ensuring that investors are fully informed about the risks that their money is being put at risk.”

The changes are being seen as a victory for the UK stock market, which has been battered by falling profits and falling stock prices.

On Wednesday, shares in the Royal Bank of Scotland fell by as much as 5 per cent after the FSCa announced a new set of restrictions.

The UK’s largest stock market regulator, the Financial Services Authority, is due to hold public hearings in London to discuss its plan to relax capital rules.